Illustrated Story Book


This was a massive project initiated by the Moreton Bay College Old Girls Association and the school. The objective was to create an age-appropriate introduction to welcome new Prep students to the school and its rich history. This was done via a familiar format for the younger children, a storybook. The school has always had fairy garden on-site which has been a part of their school folk stories for years so by including this in the story help capture the attention of the younger audience.

I had the fortunate position of working with many talented creatives on this publication. The beautiful old photos were all sourced by Moreton Bay College archivist, custodian of their extensive historic photo collection, Heather Harcourt. I was thrilled to be working with the highly accomplished, published children’s book author, and MBC ‘old girl’, Michelle Worthington. Her story and approach to children’s literature were invigorating as an artist, and her ‘fairy’ energy was purely infectious. Last but not least, we were all drawn together by communications and marketing wizard, Cheryl Gray, who managed to take this creative concept through the production process and out to the students both new and old alike.

It was a huge success, introducing the Prep students to their new school and it’s vast history via the apt age-appropriate medium of storybooks. For the ‘old girls,’ it was lovely to reconnect and support their old school and remember the good old days.