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Creative Works

A selection of design and illustration projects produced most recently.

Beautiful compromise

  Admittedly, I don't get to paint anywhere near as much as I use to, and most days at home are spent with my little person. If the weather is good and we're both looking for some much needed entertainment, we get out our painting smocks and pots and hit the...

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You may or may not know that the name, 'Shesasheep' was the name of my very first iPod... which later expanded to become my creative pulse, and moniker for my artist persona. Being a lover of silly sounding names (with a real name like Siobhan–sounds-like–Sheep-horn),...

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Technical Illustration

Time consuming and tedious but the overall finish is sublime! This illustration was a special request for my dad, who is a train enthusiast, and is particularly fond of this model, a DC6029 Garrett. This one is going straight to the train...

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FREE Wallpaper

Here's another FREE wallpaper for your beloved screen. Only one size for the mo, please feel free to contact if your are wanting a re-size. And don't forget to vote for the shirt at...

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Vote for Angry Tomato!

If you just love this design so much you want it on you, please head over to Threadless and check it out! We're looking for some great feedback to hopefully get it printed. I am really hoping I can rally up enough support to get this one through so I'd really...

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PartyBox Logo

Here's one of my latest logos designed for Dave and Ian to promote their PartyBox. It's a fantastic concept if you are planning a big party. Their website is coming soon so, Stay Tuned for further details!...

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Please vote for my design!

I have submitted my latest design to Threadless. It's not open for votes yet, but stay tuned for updates! It's been about 7 years since I have given it a go, so PLEASE vote for my design, so they will print it and you can buy it, and love it!...

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Bye-bye Birdie

Maybe it was two weeks of rain…or a morbid urge to extricate some emotional blockage, but this little birdie came to my imagination, and I just had to let it out. And boy do I feel so much better for...

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I was looking for a very specific font, all caps, heavy slabs with a sweet rolling leg on the 'R', to suit my initial sketches. And after an hour of cruising font sites, I still couldn't find what I needed. So dang, what does a designer do in this instance? I made it...

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