Red Riding

It seems like forever ago I was busy in the studio with this piece, and since my duties as a designer can to flick from fun and messy artworks to more important client matter I sometimes forget to reflect of the fun stuff.

So while I have the opportunity, I would love to share this piece particularly.

I have always admired the work of Italian artist, Nicoletta Ceccoli, for her ghostly figures and dark content, which has reflected in this piece, ‘Red Riding‘. This piece started out as a thumbnail sketch for composition purposes, all lines drawing in to the subject matter, and it grew quickly into ‘Little Red’ on the run with the addition of a little watercolour and my pine wood floors. The oval shape of her face repeats in the knots and grains in the timber landscapes, which describes a sense of fear and urgency. A conflicting urge to lay down in submission or get up and run. The signature crows add an eerie sound to this piece and builds on that feeling of fear and distress.