My first fully illustrated Children’s Book has been released and is currently making waves in educating children and parents to the early signs of problematic eating behaviours and self image issues.

‘When Anna Came To Stay’ has already received whirlwind of interest, as Author, multi-talented actor/presenter and Lego legend, Maddy Tyers, recounts her own very personal insight into understanding healthy eating behaviours and identifying the early signs of problematics behaviour in children.

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I wanted to tackle the illustration of Maddy’s delicate story very sensitively, which I felt suited the watercolour medium perfectly. It evokes an emotional response so eloquently and allowed a visual clue, or washing-out of colour, as the protagonist succumbs into unhealthy behaviours which are urged on by the antagonist, Anna, Maddy’s personification of her disorder, Anorexia.

This was a challenging topic for me, personally, and like Maddy, I welcome open and honest conversations about healthy eating habits and the need to express our concerns and address our overall health, both mind and body, as a whole. This book helps children and parents alike, identify when something is becoming a problem and the importance of seeking help, and talking about it.