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Being a huge fan of these guys as individual artists, I was stoked to hear they were getting together to put down a few tracks. And this was the big show I had been looking forward to for such a long time…

OMG! What a fantastic night…These guys were all so genuine, so sweet and quite comical together! They gave us a couple of songs in the lounge area of the Tivoli in Brisbaby and, I gotta report, their unique blend of voices was truly AMAZING. Being an avid follower of Eskimo Joe, hearing Kav’s voice alone in a room, just blew me away. What a sterling set of lungs on the guy! Josh was as gorgeous as always, giving me a big hug and a chat, before signing all our stuff. What can I say, I just love the guy! XD

All in all, the guys were incredible. I just love the music they’ve made together as a group, and I’m so sad it’s all over now.

Thanks for a ripper of a show, Guys!

the girls meeting the boys