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Gourmet Gift Hamper Illustration

It's lovely to see a few of my recent illustration projects launching this week. This great collaboration was driven by my talented OCC design colleague, Carmen from InkPink Design and her client Australian Gourmet Gifts.  I had so much...

Spring is here!

Spring is well and truly over for another year, but my prints live on and are still available in the shop. The perfect gift for Christmas!

Steam Train DL

Old style, print design from my past life as an agency designer, many moons ago, promoting Steam Train Sundays for Queensland Rail.

Red Riding

What started out as a quick thumbnail sketch organically developed into ‘Little Red’ on the run, with the addition of a little watercolour and my pine wood floors.

Native Cat

Ironically, in the early days of documenting Australian wildlife, the only way to catch the most life-like photographs, was to photograph stuffed dead ones.

A Skulk of Foxes

After a couple of weeks off with man flu, I am well back into the swing of things again. It's a pleasure to be back at my mac getting some beautiful designs together again. I was not entirely off the planet whilst I was away. Here is a brief run down of the past two...

Beautiful compromise

  Admittedly, I don't get to paint anywhere near as much as I use to, and most days at home are spent with my little person. If the weather is good and we're both looking for some much needed entertainment, we get out our painting smocks and pots and hit the...